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im not even joking why does everyone like this movie, it is so fucking shit. holy hell is everyone high

Do you think frozen’s overrated? Do you think that it had potential that it didn’t live up to? Do you think it was nothing special and don’t understand the hype? Are you just sick and tired of all these over used frozen jokes (that aren’t even funny)? Do you hate frozen? 

Well us too!

The Anti-Freeze Team invites you to share your hatred with people who will not ridicule you for your opinions! 

Some of you may already be apart of the Anti-Freeze Team, apply to make it official! 


  • The founder of the Anti-Freeze Team is Meri
  • I — frozensuckstho — am the host of this network
  • The Anti-Freeze Team doesn’t care if you passively dislike frozen or downright despise it!
  • It’s not required to have been in the Anti-Freeze Team before this post.
  • Any blog type is accepted!~
  • On the off chance we get too many applications, we’ll have to shut down the application form, meaning: apply now before its too late!


  • Reblog this post so more people see it! (and please dont remove the text ♥)
  • Apply HERE
  • Pick the character you hate/found the most annoying in Frozen, an awkward screenshot is recommended crop it into a square, and send a link in the app
  • Choose a evil villain name or a nickname or your real name or whatever it is you want to be called, that will be displayed on the network
  • Make a little description for you + why you dont like frozen (try to keep it short and simple)
  • Display the network badge in your blog description (though if you have a networks page/list them you can put it there) with a link to the network
  • And after there are a decent amount of members:
  • Check out the other members blogs!
  • Send 1 another member an ask (it’d be better if it was someone you hadn’t talked to before) 
  • Be more open if someone from the network approaches you, so it’s easier to create a real close-knit team sense to this network!
  • Not required if you don’t make frozen hate/anti frozen posts, but if you do please tag it with “antifreezeteam”


  • Getting to be apart of a network where everyone shares a mutual distaste for Frozen!
  • To show on your blog, that you do not like frozen
  • Make new friends!
  • Become apart of a team!!
  • and some of the really hardcore frozen fans will consider u a villain for not liking frozen/disagreeing that its the best movie ever and i personally think thats hilarious
  • also people say ‘surround yourself with people who loves the same things you do’, but honestly i find that if you surround yourself with people who hate the same thing you do it is so much easier to bond, but idk it might just be me


There’s never a better time to hate frozen like the present! So join now!!

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