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im not even joking why does everyone like this movie, it is so fucking shit. holy hell is everyone high

glad to see you back i was really worried you’re really awesome and funny and it makes me happy to see you post and stuff since i dont know your personal and yeah ;; i was just worried and im glad to see you here again! 

Glad to be back!! And thank you for your concern!

Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaackkk!!! We all missed you!!! Have a picture of these 2 NOT suffering from same face syndrome!!!


— But really, it’s so sweet you actually made art for my return! I’m absolutely shocked at the response of my followers and even frozen fans after I left. So a really big thank you! Aww, this makes me feel so loved (‘∀’●)♡

and on a completely unrelated note, i got into an argument with a girl abotu frozen. and she sarted ranting about how prrogressive ti was and i was stopped her and i was like.”hey, you know what, i’m gonna show you a blog later.”

she just raised her eyebrows at me and shes like ”fine ok, but i’ll only accept your own words”


Also separate post to say this but a really big thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday — frozen fans included. It really warms my heart to see how much of you cared! But I assure you, I’m absolutely ok, and there’s no reason to be worried or anything!!

Geez, I’ve been gone for a while, but let me say first, o be offline for this long was not my intention! Some things just came up in real life; like drama, and such. Also I just finished studying in denmark for the summer, gonna stay another day or two before I head back to  the southeast. My classes start again next week, so even then I’m not sure how often I’ll update. 

So sorry for not updating in so long, and I’m especially sorry if I worried any of you!! I’m absolutely fine! I was just a little peeved that I couldn’t get some peace even on my special day but like, whatever lol. It’s just frozen fans, something like that wouldn’t make me quit tumblr. 

Ok, I gotta get answering to those questions don’t I. Sighs.

reading hate on my birthday, nice

haha jk ur all fucking dicks.

u see theres a reason i dont even have my ask box open and its cus of u little fuckers. 

i couldn’t fucking care less about how much you hate me??? or how much i deserve to die????? or the same things over and over 

fucking hell. and im the one who’s speaking negatively.

im the one who clicks anon as if being on the internet isn’t passive aggressive enough, and decides “what can i say to make this person feel shitty”. 

that is negativity. that is horrible and that is what you are doing intentionally to make me feel bad about myself and thats not fucking ok.

im not hurting anyone. if you get into an argument with me ofc im gonna be sarcastic and an asshole its a fucking argument im not going to sugarcoat shit why you curse at me.

its fucking sick you guys , imma log off for a little while maybe.happy day 2 me.

you really piss me off lol it's a fucking kids movie



I love it omg. 

I really piss this person off guys bless.

I piss her off so much she had to send me an ask about how much I piss her off. Because I would obviously care about her opinion. 


frozen pissed you off so much you hate to make a blog about how much you hate it.

because we obviously care about your opinion.


im not making anyone listen to my opinion.

i made this sideblog because i didn’t want people on my main being bothered with my opinion. you are the one who chose to look at ym blog and you are the one who decided to listen and disagree with my opinion, where in turn this anon has shoved their opinion of me — a living being; not a movie — into my askbox. she specifically wrote this out for me to read and be aware of while my blog is for myself and only myself.

the point is ur not even supposed to care about my opinion. 





Whenever you feel alone in your opinion and need a pick-me-up, go here and here, and enjoy all ~512 reviews (some of them only rant about the shitty DVD itself and about Disney basically screwing them out of money) of pure Frozen criticism. Including amazing headlines such as:


Since the only way possible to contact you seems to be through reblogging, I have a question. I mean, several people asked why you have a hate blog and don’t just ‘Let it go’ and my question is also heading in that direction. Wait, don’t jump at me and rip out my throat, please.

I have experienced the feeling of hate or anger towards anything or anyone is a very displeasing feeling. I only get upset, enraged and am finally in a bad mood.

I understand criticism but this is a HATE-blog as you stated.
What do you get out of all this negativity? I mean isn’t it just annoying and tiring? If it was a more, well, relevant or serious topic like the near east conflict or the Brazilian economy or whatsoever I would get it, but this is a children’s movie..
What do you enjoy so much about this negativity and hate?

Well, you’ll be happy to know you can contact me directly, because my inbox is going to be open for a short while.

And you’re very right, a lot of people ask me why I have a hate blog, that’s why this question is included in my FAQ. So if you had just clicked it you would have seen the answer yourself and saved you a lot of trouble. But yes, check the FAQ please!


If it was a more, well, relevant or serious topic like the near east conflict or the Brazilian economy or whatsoever I would get it, but this is a children’s movie.. 

Shit, I only that that now! This movie is incredibly relevant. It is arguably disney’s biggest movie, fandom and profit-wise. Also, the very fact it’s a children’s movie means this horrible shit is being projected to children. 

Also can I just say something, the Brazilian economy has always been shitty, and the fact people only go “you only care about football but not about the people!!!” like ???? you didn’t care until the football happened???? Don’t guilt people over football, that’s not gonna change Brazil’s economy.

But to sum it up, Frozen effected me, in a negative way, the way it did Frozen fans in a positive way. World conflicts are everlasting and there are too many to keep track off — It’s something that interests me of course — but no one listens to rants about that these days. And when they do they are fake social justice warriors who take everything the wrong way. And there are already people on these issues, talking about them, people a million times more famous than me. Frozen didn’t have any hate blogs before mine. 

So what I’m saying is I feel like I’m doing more with this hate blog then a general social justice blog. Also, I do have a social justice blog btw. No one I’m gonna hand it out though, since it links to my main blog. 

Also, you are criticising me for not blogging to what you believe is what I should blog about. That’s really fucking rude to me. And I do talk about social justice issues so, with another blog dedicated to it. So. Um. Yeah. Don’t mean to sound mean but kinda really rude of you wow.







reminder that even though the comics themselves were also really racist, Disney had the opportunity to FIX that, and instead they made it WORSE.


just a thought: perhaps making it more diverse is meant to be a way to reinforce diversity. An all white, all asian, all hispanic, or all black group can be seen as reinforcing segregation.

But I’m white, obviously I’m racist, and that totally my ONLY reason for pointing this out, and not just a simple thought.

mmmm, The problem with their “diversity” is that It has to always include whites when whites are always over-representated. Why couldn’t honey Lemon be a latina? and It’s pretty welcoming to see Wasabi included but what is wrong with an all-Asian cast/non-white cast? Disney has a pretty bad reputation of being pretty big hypocrites in that regard. Disney finds it OK to have a cast of all whites, but don’t find it ok to have all Asian/All black. Meanwhile twisting the original Source material to fit this white-included view.

In the end these japanese characters, 2/5 were turned White, and that is the very definition of white washing. Whites have 90% of the media dedicated/included into them and that in itself is problematic when less than 1/3rd of them make up the World population. They spread the problematic view that Diversity doesn’t exist and that diverse Main characters aren’t as interesting.

I can probably name Asian-American actors on my fingers and this is when I actively wanted to seek them out in my recent years. If i didn’t i could probably name like 4? Lucy Liu being the only one i can recall off the top of my head. But can give you a dropdown alphabetized dictionary list of White-American actors. 

It becomes that age-old feeling. Hollywood wants everything and all things asian but doesn’t want the asians themselves. And tbh, I don’t like the idea that asian people and their story can’t be considered interesting/acceptable because of the color of their skin.

First correction: The Snow Queen, which Frozen was based of off featured plenty of POC. POC in Frozen: 1. In the blurred background, and she was a literal copy of anna with darker skin. 

Next, don’t think just because Disney is being horrible with it’s white-washing and such is a reason to not support this movie. Because while I agree with a lot of people that what they are doing isn’t right, if you boycott this movie, it’s literally telling Disney the public isn’t ready for 3 POC in a movie. This is Disney’s baby steps to progression, and while Walt himself never was the perfect role model to begin with, Disney might be getting there.

So critic the shit outta this movie, point out the flaws to your hearts content, but please do not boycott it. Support the movie for what little progression there is, and not for the lack thereof. 

And Lucy Liu is horrible omg why does everyone like her. I mean yay representation, but she’s so ew jfc.

i dont think this post is meant to turn people off from watching this film, nor is it meant as a call to boycott it.

i think its just meant to educate people who dont know the source material of Big Hero 6; they just dont want people to ignore what Disney is doing, similar to the way Frozen fans choose to ignore its many, many flaws

I believe you’re right about what the post was supposed to be about. But I was just on the notes of the post and a few people were talking about boycotting. That’s why I really wanted to stress not boycotting this movie, because I don’t think that would help anything.

you really piss me off lol it's a fucking kids movie

I love it omg. 

I really piss this person off guys bless.

I piss her off so much she had to send me an ask about how much I piss her off. Because I would obviously care about her opinion.